WWRD? Freddie Fanatics

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WWRD? Freddie Fanatics

Sarah Reynolds, Editor

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What Would Rocky Do? Freddie Fanatics


Dear Rocky,


I haven’t been to any Naz sports events this year so far. From what my friends tell me, football games under the new lights are awesome. But I’m not sure where to begin or what to do at the games. I heard of a cheer that is popular with the Freddie Fanatics student section, “Go Bananas.” Well, I might go bananas if I don’t go to a game soon! Any recommendations on how to be a Naz Freddie Fanatic?




Going Bananas


Dear Going Bananas,


As the ultimate Freddie Fanatic, I can assure you it’s not difficult to show your school spirit as a part of the fan section. (As you can see I am also the ultimate roadrunner in terms of modesty too.)


Throughout the week, listen to announcements and look for flyers around school! For every football game, there will be an accompanying theme. Go all out. I know that I love to go shopping with my friends and pick up the craziest outfits and accessories to wear to the game. I was so pumped for last Friday’s game, that I didn’t even mind the odd looks the salespeople gave me as I tried on Ralph Lauren’s best country club apparel. What can I say? At Naz, we value class.


Don’t have time to swing by the mall because you have to work on an essay? No problem. The Freddie Fanatics sometimes sell affordable shirts during lunch to match that week’s theme. Since you can wear these on Fridays – it’s a win, win. Just like Naz, because we win here.


After you have your outfit ready, it’s game time. Talk to your friends and get a group together. This is a great opportunity to meet new people. After the game, you all can pick up some celebratory hot chocolate, because, oh yes, Old Man Winter is quickly approaching. As the temperature drops and our score increases, make sure to layer up and dress warmly for the games too.


At the game, this is the time to let loose and cheer Naz on. Freddie Fanatics senior leader Analisa Pieranunzi encourages everyone to participate in the cheers. If you can memorize tons of vocabulary words for a Membean quiz, trust me, these cheers will be a piece of cake that you will quickly love. As always, we support our Naz peers, so keep it classy out there.


As you jump up and down in your themed attire, wave your arms in the air as you mimic Freddie Fanatic senior leader Jack Weyer as he leads the ‘roller coaster’ cheer, or dance along to my namesake band “The Marching Roadrunners.” These football games will last forever in your memories and soon, you will feel even more so a part of the Naz family.


I can’t guarantee that you will have a fully-functional voice after these games, but you will have a blast, and even great photo opportunities.


However you get involved, I advise that you experience Naz from the student section. This is where you will see Unity and Spirit, pillars of Naz, come alive. Don’t be afraid to try it out! We want to see every Naz student in the stands. Grab your squad, dress up, jump up and down.


In addition to our football program, listen to announcements regarding the game/match times for all of our sports teams, and show your support for Naz’s other fantastic fall sports including: Boys Cross-Country, Girls Cheerleading, Boys Golf, Girls Cross-Country, Boys Hockey, Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Girls Pom and Dance, Girls Tennis, and Girls Volleyball. (Plus the Marching Roadrunners).


Can’t wait to see you in the stands,


Meep meep,




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