WWRD: Homecoming on a budget

Elizabeth Czerwenka, Staff Writer and Photographer

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Dear Rocky,

I am in major need of your help! On October 8th, I am going to homecoming with friends and that “special someone”; however, I am on a tight budget this year! How on Earth can I look snazzy, have a good time, but keep the price from costing an arm and a leg?

           -Broke Highschooler


Dear Broke,

This is a great question seeing that many people are in the same situation as you. Money isn’t always easy to get, and I am sure you’re not the only one who wants to spend less on homecoming. Homecoming has already cost either twenty or twenty-five bucks with a box of cereal per guest.

On average, dresses range from one hundred to four hundred dollars. Why spend all that money when homecoming is one night, and who knows when you will wear it again?

Girls, try looking for a dress that’s under one hundred bucks by searching on Google. Even if nothing is found and your dream dress is all you want, try finding coupons for that store or website. Some stores have better deals than others.

Another option for dresses is a used dress. If you search online for sale posts, find a Goodwill near you, or find any other thrift store, chances are you will find an amazing deal.

Once homecoming is over, you can return the favor if you are sure you will never use this dress again by donating your dress to Goodwill or The Cinderella Project.

Boys, suits can be rented; however, if you want to buy that new tux, do your research first as well. Compare prices before buying the first item you see, and you’ll find bargains.

All the accessories such as getting your hair done or hair products, jewelry, flowers, makeup, shoes, manicure, pedicures, and other luxuries can also be researched and compared the same way. Try using the makeup you already have and search YouTube tutorials. DIY hair and makeup and alternatives to the typical, pricey flowers can be found on Pinterest, and these ideas are unique. For shoes, look for good deals and coupons, and keep in mind you’ll probably be barefoot or in flip-flops by the end of the night, so don’t overdo it with the cost of heels.

To conclude, try going for the “Hand Me Down” technique and use items that you may already have in your house.

A suggestion is to buy what you need, not just what you want. Save all that money for prom when it’s needed most!


Meep Meep,



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