WWRD? Suffering from Spring Fever

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Dear Rocky,

Spring is in the air and now I’m hooked on thoughts of sunshine, being outdoors and done with school. I can’t focus on school and I’ve already replaced all my winter clothes with bright shorts and leggings.  What are some good ways to stay positive and get through the last quarter?


Suffering from Spring Fever


Dear Spring Fever,

That is understandable! After a long, cold winter, sometimes all we need is some nice weather! The first tip I have is to remember, no matter which grade you’re in, your grades still matter. As much as you might want to just take what you have and go onto the next year, colleges will still look at your grades, and they will take into account the shift in your GPA.

Your peers are probably in the same position as you, too! It wouldn’t hurt to look out for each other, so try forming a study group. Everyone could focus on helping someone else, and it’d be a great way to socialize and work on school. The next tip I have is making a calendar.

The best way to spend your time is the organized way, so try to power through everything for that day as though it was a checkpoint. When you do, you can set rewards for yourself! When you get through a certain amount of work, treat yourself to a favorite sweet, or maybe spend a night relaxing! I know the weather shift makes it hard to focus, but I know you can do it.

Meep meep,


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