WWRD: Too many tests!

Gianna O’Connor, Staff Writer

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Dear Rocky,


I have been having problems with studying for tests that are on the same day. This week, I have four tests on Friday, which is so stressful because my teachers expect me to study for all of these tests in one night. On top of studying, I also have to do my regular homework and practice for cross country until five thirty. Please help! How do I study effectively for all of my tests on the same day?


-Looking for effective studying habits


Dear Looking for Effective Studying Habits,


Don’t worry, this situation is not as stressful as you may think. There are many effective ways to study for all of your tests in a productive way, instead of cramming the night before.


First, you may want to make a study guide for each of your tests. You should set aside one night for each subject to complete the study guide. For example, Monday night is designated to Algebra, Tuesday for English, etc. Be sure to save the night before your tests to review and look over each study guide.


If you are not sure how to make an effective study tool, ask your peers and teachers how they recommend studying for the specific class. Each class’s study guide will vary.


On the night before your tests, carefully go through each study guide and highlight the most important aspects. This will better help you review and keep important information ingrained in your head. Therefore, the night before the tests should be saved for review only.


Remember, the most important part of being a responsible student is embodying effective time management skills. Time management prevents students from cramming at night. Students that are productive with their time have impressive grades.


Of course, studying for one test the night before is not overwhelming, but when you have multiple tests on one day, a more drawn out studying approach will benefit you in the end.


Meep Meep,


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