WWRD: Valentine’s Day Edition

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WWRD: Valentine’s Day Edition

Xareni Palacios, Staff Writer

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Dear Rocky,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and suddenly all my friends have something to do! I have no valentine, so it looks like I’m spending the night with my fish. I really don’t want to third wheel like my friends have suggested. Any ideas on what to do?


Lonely Valentine

Dear Lonely Valentine,

     It seems like you have a case of Valentine’s blues. Don’t fret though; it’s not anything too serious. Don’t freak out over the fact that Cupid hasn’t shot an arrow your way. Take this time to appreciate yourself. 

    I’d recommend taking some well-deserved “me time.”  Disconnect from all your troubles! Put away that phone to avoid all the lovebirds! Appreciate yourself if no one is going to. Maybe read a new book or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. Try cooking or learning something new.

      Pamper yourself. Take a nice bath, wear your comfiest clothes and just chill! Take some time to reflect on what makes you great.

    If all else fails, head the stereotypical route! Get some good snacks and watch a “romcom.” (Personally, I recommend One Day with Anne Hathaway.) Be the person who sobs hysterically while eating a pint of ice cream with a soup spoon–no judgment here.

   Just remember, at the end of the day, the best kind of love is self-love. Love yourself before anyone else does!


Meep Meep!


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