Spotlight Q & A: Nazareth’s new Sign Language Club

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Spotlight Q & A: Nazareth’s new Sign Language Club

They spelled it out using sign language.

They spelled it out using sign language.

Natalie Walsher

They spelled it out using sign language.

Natalie Walsher

Natalie Walsher

They spelled it out using sign language.

Bridget Lockie and Anne Swade, Staff Writers

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Juniors Ana Theriault and Reenie Minik began the Sign Language Club during January of 2017. With Mr. Beedie as their moderator, the group’s goal is to have fun while learning and exploring sign language. The Announcer conducted a Q & A session with Ana, Reenie, and Mr. Beedie:

  • What prompted you to want to start the Sign Language Club?

Ana: “Reenie and I wanted to do something together at school, and we both know a decent amount of sign language.”

Reenie: “I always had an interest in learning sign language and figured by making the club we could allow others that have the same interest to join us in learning sign language in a fun way.


  • What prompted you to want to moderate Sign Language Club?

Mr. Beedie: “One of my favorite things as a teacher is to see students develop and pursue their interests, so when Reenie and Ana approached me regarding getting the club off the ground, I jumped at the opportunity. As a graduate of Nazareth, I love to see how our clubs and activities continue to grow and expand in a purely student-driven fashion.”

  • Do you all know sign language? If yes, when did you learn it?

Ana: “Reenie and I do, I learned the alphabet at camp a few summers ago and then during middle school I taught myself more of the basics.”

Reenie: “I am not fluent although I have been learning a lot since last year. Although, when I learned the alphabet I was about 10 years old.”

Mr. Beedie: “I am still working on getting the alphabet down, but I am excited to expand on what I know via the club.”


  • If you don’t already know sign language, is it anything like learning a foreign language?

Reenie: “I don’t think it is a lot like learning foreign languages due to this being American sign language most of the signs are pretty understandable, and there aren’t many rules.”

Mr. Beedie: “It really is! Just like in learning a language at school, acquiring proficiency in sign language requires dedication, repetition, an ability to make connections to the world around you and with your first language, as well as a willingness to take risks and to not let yourself get down about making mistakes.”


  • How many members are currently in the Club?

Mr. Beedie: “I think we have had about 15-20 people at each meeting up to this point.”

  • What activities do you do during meetings?

Ana: “We play games and we converse through signing.”

Reenie: “We learn in a group, split off into smaller groups for review, and play games to remember what we have learned.”

Mr. Beedie: “Ana and Reenie take the reins here. So far, meetings typically start with a review of what we have been working on, and then Ana and/or Reenie introduce a new topic for the day. We then practice as a group, followed by with a partner. Meetings usually end with a game or competition, applying what we have been working on.”


  • What’s your favorite letter to make in sign language?

Ana: “The letter F.”

Reenie: “My favorite letter is Y.”

Mr. Beedie: “Probably E because I can always laugh about how poorly I sign



  • What’s your favorite word to make in sign language?

Ana: “Taking pictures.”

Reenie: “Bacon.”

Mr. Beedie: “Cone!!!”


Thank you to Ana, Reenie, and Mr. Beedie for their thoughtful responses. We look forward to watching Naz’s Sign Language Club thrive!


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