Pack-Scott offers a new perspective


Jacob Eraci

Kelly Pack-Scott is a new addition to the Naz Family this year, and she has already found ways to engage students and change their point of view on art.

Pack-Scott currently teaches Introduction to Art and Digital Media Art. Coming from an all girls school, she has had to adjust to some differences with the student body. She discovered being more communicative and intentional with directions helps her classes. 

She uses a variety of different art skills to keep the students intrigued and engaged. “Just keeping the students engaged and keeping the pace moving faster helps,” said Pack-Scott. 

Another thing she offers to help students along are “Bootcamps,” on certain projects where she teaches students how to use the materials, then adds on mini-lessons to make sure students can practice using them correctly. 

What Pack-Scott says students respond to the most is being able to design their own art projects. Instead of telling students what to do or what the final product should look like, she encourages students to incorporate their interests and passions into an art project and this is where she gets students’ best work.

Pack-Scott has high hopes for her students and wants her art classes to help students change the way they look at the world. Freshman Charlie McLaughlin says Pack-Scott’s art class has given her a new perspective. “Just in general, I see the world in a more creative way and see how art is used in my everyday life.”

Sophomore Dom Trelenberg stated, “I feel like everyone has their own point of view and everyone is creative in their own ways. Even though some people don’t seem to fit in, we all come together as a community with art and share our unique personalities.” 

 Pack-Scott is helping her students be more prepared for the future and hopes her students take away as much as they can from her classes. “What I hope they get from art is that there is no right or wrong way to do something, that adding in their own experiences and their preference for process, I hope that serves them in other classes, college, and beyond.”