The scoop on ‘The Bachelor’ season 24


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“The Bachelor’s” Peter Weber

Caitlin McGarry

“The Bachelor” is a reality television show that first aired on ABC in 2002. Now in its 24th season, the show has been a fixture on many television screens on Monday nights over the past 18 years. 

Every season, a single man is introduced to and starts dating up to 30 women. After a week of dates, there is a “rose ceremony,” a time when the bachelor hands out roses to those who he’d like to continue dating. A couple of women usually end up without a rose and are sent home at the end of the episode. This process continues until the finale leaving one rose for one woman.

“The Bachelor” franchise has expanded to include additional ongoing series including “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise” and the upcoming “The Bachelor: Listen to your Heart.”

On the show, the bachelor has the freedom to end the show in any way he desires; dating a contestant, getting engaged, or leaving alone. The show is supposed to end with him proposing, but throughout the years, the seasons have ended in many different ways. 

Each season is a different story filled with drama between girls, crying, and cheesy romance. Though it has been revealed that the producers of the show adjust the course of the season at times, the bachelor reportedly is able to make his own decision on who he will propose to. 

In this 24th season, the bachelor is Peter Weber, also known as Pilot Pete. He was a contestant in the previous season with bachelorette Hannah Brown and got sent home after making it to the final three. Known for his down to earth personality, Weber was a popular contestant among fans of the show. 

Weber’s season has been full of drama. There are devoted fans among the students, faculty and staff at Nazareth who follow the show. School Secretary Gina Bonk shared her feelings on this season. “There is too much drama with the women. I don’t feel that Peter has handled it well.” Many viewers have said the drama has been dragged out, focusing on one fight between two girls for too long. 

Math teacher Cora Byrne agrees with Bonk. “Peter has struggled all season to follow his heart with the drama occurring in the house and truthfully has probably not handled it correctly, sending home and losing some quality girls along the way.” 

The producers may have to do with this because they know drama equals more viewers, but the pettiness can get boring. 

Besides the drama on the show, Weber’s poor decisions have also been a focal point of this season. He has brought a contestant back after eliminating her, kept unlikeable characters around for too long, and put his relationship with a fan-favorite in jeopardy because of his actions. 

Through all the drama, crying, and cheesy romance, Weber did find a way to continue his journey and narrow his options down to two women. These two girls are well liked in the bachelor community and both have a strong connection with the bachelor.

Tonight begins the two day finale. Following are my assessments of the remaining two women and how I think the season will end:

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Madison Prewett is 23 years old and is a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama. She is very passionate about her hometown and basketball, as a former high school basketball player. She is very family-oriented and thanks her father for influencing a religious life on her and her sisters. 

During the season, she has proven that she doesn’t like getting involved in drama and is very down to earth. These qualities are what the fans look for when deciding who is best for [Peter] Weber. 

On her second date with Weber, he told Prewett he was falling in love with her. She didn’t reciprocate, but you can tell she still had very strong feelings for him. She was the first girl Weber had said those words to, making viewers believe she may win this season. 

Personally, I used to want her to get engaged to Weber in the end but now believe she deserves better. Though the two’s connection has always been strong and full of liveliness, Prewett’s values don’t match up with Weber’s, which can lead to problems for the future. 

Prewett almost left the show a couple of weeks ago due to Weber’s actions but she decided to stay, in hope of getting through their obstacles. I am afraid they aren’t the perfect match after all.

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Hannah Ann Sluss is 23 years old and is a model from Knoxville, Tennessee. She travels the world for work and enjoys painting when she has the time. 

Throughout this season, she has been in and out of involvement with the drama, leading to some fans not liking her. Sluss received the first impression rose at the beginning of season, being the first woman to have a confirmed spot on the show. 

Though she has always been in a comfortable relationship with Weber, earlier on in the season, he feared she may not be ready for marriage. When Weber questioned her, she told him she had never been in love before. I see that as a red flag when looking for a spouse because it is important that they both know the responsibilities that come along with being in a serious relationship, let alone, marriage. 

Sluss may not be experienced enough and prepared for eternal love with Weber. During the hometowns episode, where Weber visited Sluss’s family in Tennessee, Weber told her he was falling in love with her. Fans found this conflictive because he had already told [Madison] Prewett he was falling in love with her too. 

Personally, I find Sluss a little scripted and immature. I am not sure if her relationship with Weber would work out if they were to end up together in the end. 


I think Weber will either end up alone, or will propose to Sluss. The reason why I believe he may end up alone is because the show’s host, Chris Harrison, keeps emphasizing that the ending is very unexpected. 

“As a lifelong fan of the bachelor, I can confirm that Chris Harrison is correct when he says this is the most dramatic season in Bachelor history!” Ms. Byrne emphasized. Fans are very intrigued by this season because of the unpredictable ending and interesting characters on the show.

It is pretty obvious that he has the strongest feelings for Prewett deep down, but I believe there is still potential she may leave the show at the last minute. On the other hand, he may end up choosing Sluss because they have a good connection and have always had a stable relationship.