The cookie is king


Photo by Jennifer Gerdes

Seniors Natalie Ereio and Ashlynn Rodriguez share a Quest chocolate chip cookie at lunch.

Annie Trayser

People love desserts and depending on who you ask, the best dessert might vary from ice cream and cakes to candies and cookies. But here at Naz, the cookie is king.

80 random students were surveyed about their thoughts on this crispy, crunchy, sweet treat. Given the choice between the popular supermarket OREO, an item from local bakeryKirschbaum’s and our very own Quest cookie – 84% of those surveyed chose the Nazareth-baked cookies as their favorite.

While there are three different flavors offered by Quest: chocolate chip, sugar, and white chip chocolate cookies, the classic chocolate chip got the most votes. It’s no surprise that this cookie was most popular among those surveyed. Nearly every single person taking the survey has tried a Naz cookie. Of the 98% of students who have had a Naz cookie, 85% of them said that the chocolate chip variety was their favorite.

The chocolate chip cookie was voted the best cookie for its flavor and the way it’s baked. Senior Libby Plahm said, “The chocolate chip cookies are warm and gooey.” Many students agree, including sophomore John Hughes who said, “The cookie has a nice soft center and it is crispy on the outside.”

According to Karen Kwitkowski of Quest Food Services, they make 200 cookies a day in house. Her favorite cookie is also the chocolate chip variety.

Contrary to the survey results, according to Globe News Wire, “OREO is the world’s favorite cookie, available in more than 100 countries around the globe. Approximately 34 billion OREO cookies are sold each year – 92 million cookies per day – with 10 billion of those cookies sold in the U.S. annually.” While the Naz cookie cannot compete with Oreo in a global competition, under the roof of Nazareth Academy, OREO doesn’t stand a chance.

Naz students said the OREO cookie is boring. Senior McCahey Hardy said, “OREO cookies are bland and need more flavor.” Other students said, it needs more frosting, and it’s too dry. 

The Kirschbaum cookies had a low vote because many people have not had them. The assumption is that only those who live in and around Western Springs where the bakery is located have tried the tasty treat. 

A visit to this local bakery is worth it though. Senior Libby Plahm said, “The Kirschbaum’s smiley face cookie is the best out of all the cookies.”