High School Musical Auditions and Cast


by Xareni Palacios, Staff Writer

On January 15th, day one of auditions for this year’s spring musical, High School Musical, took place in the Romano Family Theatre. It was exciting to see so many students come try out for a part; especially the students new to the drama program. Nearly 100 students auditioned in hopes to secure one of twenty named parts or a role in the ensemble.

First came the dance audition: the choreographer taught a short dance, and then students performed in small groups. For the singing audition, everyone was asked to leave the room so that only the adults and a small group of peers observed the audition. It seemed like student’s comfort level was really taken into consideration in order to make everyone involved feel more at ease.

Most importantly, Ms. White told everyone to be themselves and work their hardest, because in the end, that is all that matters.

There are some exciting changes with this year’s musical, as the Drama Department warmly welcomes Choreographer, Ms. Becca Dankovich and Music Director Mrs. “B”. Mrs. B hopes to be able to bring in a live band for the show, something that has not been done before at Naz.

The cast is set and rehearsals are underway. So many in the student body are excited to see a childhood classic come to life with our own peers in the starring roles. High School Musical is building up to be a show not to miss. The show premieres April 12 and runs through the 15th.


The Complete Cast List:

The Jocks

Patrick Uphues, Troy Bolton

Liam Gram, Chad Danforth

Hector Olvera, Zeke Baylor

Nathan Lugo, Jason


Other Jocks

Paul Nemeth

Demarco Mayle


The Thespians

Ana Theriault, Sharpay Evans

Kelly Mcgee, Sharpay Evans

Ted Bucur, Ryan Evans

Joe Seidel, James

Emily Rausch, Susan

Bella Allar, Cathy

Ryan Roache, Alan

Natalie Niccolai, Cyndra


Other Thespians

Emma Hausknecht

Ceci Rabiela


The Brainiacs

Gigi Meyer, Gabriella Montez

Gina Kondraros, Gabriella Montez

Sophia Cho, Taylor McKessie

Ke’la Anderson, Taylor McKessie

Kathleen Nolan, Martha Cox

Christian Cano, Kratnoff


Other Brainiacs

Emily Sackley

Maggie Rausch

Katie Clifford

Caitlin McGarry

Cecille Nemeth


The Skater Dudes

Connor Hausknecht, Ripper

Quinn Winslow, Mongo


Other Skaters

Luke Baumel

Alejandra Garcia

Sarah Hoch

Julietta Gofis

Chase Norbut

Emily Lewis


Other Students

Jim Moster, Jack Scott

Eva Ryan, Kelsi Neilson


Wildcat Cheerleaders

Maya Floreani

Carly Collins

Maria Murphy

Gianna Imbarrato

Abbie Moody

Lexi Degnan

Paiton Sanders

Martina Theriault

Mary Calabria

Sarah Rusthoven

SaraJayne Weidner

Erin Anderson


The Adults

Matigan Smith, Ms. Darbus

Kevin Quinn, Coach Bolton