Naz Drama conjures up the fall play: Blithe Spirit

Emily Sackley, Staff Writer

Naz Drama’s fall production of Blithe Spirit “an improbable farce in three acts” by Noel Coward will premiere in the Romano Family Theatre Thursday, October 26 and run through Sunday, October 29.

This play is about novelist Charles Condomine who is suffering from writer’s block. To help him get over this hurdle, he hires a medium (sort of like a ghost buster) to perform a seance and hopefully inspire something for him to write.

The play’s director, and drama teacher Mrs. White sat down to discuss the play and what inspired her to choose Blithe Spirit.

Emily Sackley: Why did you choose this play?

Mrs. White: I directed it 30 years ago, and I loved it! I have always wanted to do it again, and it just seemed like the right time.

ES: How and where can you buy tickets?

MW: You can purchase the tickets during lunch, two weeks before for 15 dollars each.”

ES: Who is your favorite character in the play and why?

MW:My favorite character is Madame Arcati. She is the medium who brings back the ghosts. She is very funny, unique, and multifaceted: she takes herself very seriously. She brings people back from the dead, and everyone thinks she is a cuckoo.

ES: How many students auditioned for the play?

MW: 60 students auditioned, and only 14 made the cut. It is double – casted (meaning different casts will perform on alternating days.)

ES: When is the next Naz Drama production, and what is it?

KW: The next musical is the week after Easter, and it is High School Musical.

All seats are reserved and are $15. For tickets and more information please call 708-387-8528, or if you are a student, purchase your tickets during any lunch period.