Live action ‘Beauty and The Beast’ leads to mixed reviews

Xareni Palacios, Staff Writer

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On March 16, 2016, Disney’s live action recreation of the 1991 classic Beauty and The Beast was released. Making 690.3 million dollars in the box office since its premiere, it’s difficult to say the film was anything but a success.

The public has had an overwhelmingly supportive attitude towards the film, but of course, every movie has its critics. Before Beauty and The Beast’s release, it was brought to the media’s attention that Gaston’s witty sidekick, Lefou, was openly gay. This causes outrage from many people, and several theatres even refusing to show the film. However, others were pleased with the representation the film had of the LGBT community.  In reality, Lefou’s love for his leader is undetectable unless looked for, and young children likely only see a loyal companion full of admiration.
Either way, any issue someone may find with the movie is completely overthrown by the incredible music, and pictures. The film is impressively executed with amazing graphics, and realistic personification of household objects. It still holds true to the original, while adding its own flair. Freshman Eva Ryan even said, “It was so amazingly well done. I cried the entire time!” Disney Fanatic or not, it is truly a great film, you don’t want to miss!

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