Managing the stress of school and sports


Photo by Sofia Lewis

Varsity team practices after school

Olivia Grabowski and Sofia Lewis

School work alone can be stressful enough. Now think about having school work, a part time job, sports practice, and finding the time to be with your family. This is a daily struggle for many of Nazareth Academy’s student athletes. So how do they manage? The Announcer posed this question to several members of the Varsity football team: How do you manage the stress of school and sports?

Junior Drew Hughes is a Varsity Tight End and Defensive Lineman. Before Nazareth, he played LFC football since fifth grade. Hughes spends time with his family every morning and after school but claims family time is affected by schoolwork. 

Junior Tanner Koziol is a Varsity Wide Receiver. He thinks homework is hard to work on after practice. He adds,“It’s difficult to come home tired and have to do your homework.”

Sophomore Tyler Morris has played on Varsity football since freshman year. He plays the positions of Receiver and Corner. When he comes off the field, he does his homework, eats dinner, and goes to bed. When asked what he does to keep sane and have a balanced life he says, “Whenever I can, I just try to keep my life normal. Like go out with friends and not be stressed.” 

Junior J.J. McCarthy is not only the Quarterback on the Varsity football team, but he has a job too. His advice is to have fun with life in order to make it a balanced one. 

Freshman Justin Taylor plays on both the Varsity and Blue-White teams. He is a Wide Receiver and a Defensive Back. Taylor tries to hang out with his family on the weekends, but some nights already this year he has stayed up until 2 am doing homework. His motto is, “Do everything. Persevere.”