Freddie Fanatics lead the fan section


Photo by Olivia Schaff

Fall Freddie Fanatic Leaders supporting the Hawaiian theme on Sept 6, 2019

Olivia Schaff

Nazareth Academy is unique in many ways, but one thing that really sets us apart is the super-charged group of senior students known as The Freddie Fanatics. Nazareth’s Freddie Fanatics can be found at every big game hyping up the student section.

Fans in the stands have come to expect a Fanatic presence at games. Many say that the experience of cheering on our team wouldn’t be the same without them. “It’s such an exhilarating feeling to be able to get a crowd into the game. It brings the student body closer and is just an all around awesome experience,” says Senior Freddie Fanatic Leader Kyle Kebby.

Senior and fellow Fanatic Leader, Nicholas Buenvenida shares, “I think that our presence during the games is important as we are seen as the leaders of the fan section. Setting a good example for the other students is very important, and something we take seriously.” 

Of Nazareth Academy’s four pillars, the “Spirit” pillar shines strong with the help of the Fanatics. Weather it is through a theme or a chant, Fanatics do it all with full energy and enthusiasm. Sophomore Ivy Schoditch says her favorite Freddie Fanatics chant is, “The Goodbye Chant.” 

While the Fanatics are there to exhilarate the crowd, their main goal is to support the team. Kebby believes, “The athletes use the energy from the Fanatics to fuel the fire that is inside of them to perform at their very best.” Buenvenida adds, “As for the athletes, I feel that [the presence of the Fanatics] makes them more comfortable during the games as they see familiar faces in the bleachers.” 

“The student section’s energy and the eagerness to win coincide with one another to get the best performance out of everyone,” says Kebby. 

Come out tonight to cheer on the team as they compete against Fenwick. Tonight’s theme is Country Club, so be sure to dress in your preppy best!