Summer Road Trip


by Kathleen Nolan, Staff Writer

If You Could Go On a Road Trip Anywhere This Summer, Where Would You Go and What Would You Do?

Grace Brady ‘19: “I would drive to the Michigan dunes. Especially in the summer, it’s so beautiful! Lake Michigan is at its most beautiful and I would love to just spend a day there.”

Caitlin McGarry ‘21: “I would go to the Indiana Dunes with my friends. I would lay out in the sun and go in the water all day. I really enjoy being outside in the hot sand and hanging out with my friends, so this would be the perfect one-day road trip for me.”

Erin McGarry ‘18: “I would go to Starved Rock so that I could go hiking!”

Carlie Merola ‘19: “ I’d go to Wisconsin with my sister and explore the little towns there! We do that all the time and it’s so much fun!”

Kevin Quinn ‘18: “I would go to Disneyland or a Disney World and ride everything I could!”

Ryan Roache ‘20: “I would drive to Wisconsin so I could eat some good cheese.”

Sarah Rusthoven ‘19: “I would find a sunflower field somewhere near here and drive there with my friends and my dog Hazel! It would be fun to escape from reality for a day and live life with the sunflowers!”