Meep Meep: What part of the new building are you most excited about and why?

Bridget Lockie, Staff Writer

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These past few weeks have been a very exciting time at Nazareth Academy. The Walsh Center addition has come to its completion, featuring nine new classrooms, an expanded training room, new locker rooms, a second gym, and a fitness center.


Over the past couple of weeks, Nazareth’s administration has revealed this beautiful new addition to faculty, students, and the public. Students and teachers, alike, are in amazement of the impressive facilities that have been added to their current school building. Several classes have made the move into the Walsh center and winter sports teams have been using the new gym and fitness center. Find out what element of the Walsh Center excites these Roadrunners the most:


Nazareth Staff Member: Ms. Murguia: fine arts rooms

Ms. Murguia is especially excited for the new fine arts room. She is happy that the theater, band, and art classes will be out of the basement. The resources for these classes and students are modernized and will be put to good use.  


Senior, Bri Tovar: the new locker rooms

As a student athlete, Bri is most excited about the brand new locker rooms that are conveniently located right in the spine. For her first three soccer seasons at Naz, Bri said that it was always a struggle to change for practice in the little bathrooms, or have to walk upstairs to use the locker rooms. But, now, it is exciting that the changing facilities will be very accessible to her and her teammates.


Junior, Nora Rooney: the classrooms

Junior Nora Rooney is eager to begin studying religion in the new addition. She is excited about the new technology that the space has to offer, including projectors and speakers. Also, she looks forward to the air conditioning for when the weather gets hot again. Overall, though, she is excited about all the new amenities that the expansion has to offer.


Sophomore, Dylan Gloor: the fitness center

Dylan has been a part of the Naz football program for two years now. He and his teammates take part in early morning workouts during the offseason. Before the new facility, a lot of the players would have to cram into the old workout room. But, with this new space, Dylan and his teammates will have plenty of room to exercise and get a good workout in.


Freshman, Michael Rooney – the fitness center

The fitness center is a large new space, filled with top-notch training equipment. As a member of the boys’ golf, wrestling and tennis teams, Michael is really looking forward to working out in the new facility.    

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