Meep Meep: What are you giving up for Lent?

Bridget Lockie, Staff Writer

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In the past couple of weeks, most Catholics around the world have embarked on a forty-day Lenten journey to renew their faith lives. Catholics are encouraged to strengthen their prayer lives, give alms to the needy, and to give up something to reenact Jesus’ forty days of temptation in the desert. Here at Nazareth some students and teachers have shared their Lenten promises:
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Freshman Nicole Pacella has vowed to give up soda for her 40 day Lenten journey.

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Sophomore Derek Salata has chosen to go without chocolate for the forty days of Lent.


meep meep 5









Junior Peter Kelly will be abstaining from sweets during Lent.


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Senior Abby Shannon is looking forward to strengthening her faith connection, by going  

without unhealthy food this Lent.



connelll meep meep









Health teacher and women’s basketball coach, Ms. Connell, is refraining from drinking Coke this Lenten season.

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