Opinion – Do students benefit from iPads in the classroom?


photo by Joelle Peterchak

Seniors Mia Marano and Mia Gurka doing work on their iPads. 

Joelle Peterchak

Technology has taken over the world. In today’s society, it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t have some form of technology. Many schools and work offices have integrated technology into their community. At Naz, every student is required to have an iPad. 

iPads are pretty controversial in school. Some people love using iPads everyday at school, while others prefer the more traditional way of learning by using paper and hard copies of books. 

There are some apps that students really love including Notability, Kahoot!, and Quizlet. I personally love Notability because I am able to change the colors of my writing and all of my notes are in one spot on my iPad. 

Senior Colin Lukas stated, “I like how everything is in one spot. My backpack is lighter because all of my textbooks and notes are on my iPad.”

Some students, on the other hand, love the traditional way of learning and sometimes wish that we didn’t have iPads. Senior Sarah Battglia said, “I just like using paper and a pencil because I think it is easier. I also hate taking tests on the iPad, especially math.”

There are also certain apps that students do not enjoy. These include Classkick, Exam Login, and EdPuzzle. Senior Giacomo Manfredini said, “Tests on Exam Login are hard for me because I grew up using paper so I got used to taking tests that way.”

I would have to say that I enjoy some aspects of the iPads, but Exam Login is my least favorite app. I dislike taking tests on the iPad because it is hard to flip through questions and I like to physically write on all tests I take. 

Not only do most students prefer paper over iPads, it is scientifically proven that iPads can damage our eyes. According to the UPMC HealthBeat website, staring at a screen for too long can cause dry eye and eventually retinal damage.

Retinal damage is caused by the blue light from screens reaching the inner lining in the back of your eye. This can lead to macular degeneration and later the loss of eyesight. 

Senior Mia Gurka wears blue light glasses to try to prevent her eyes from getting damaged. Gurka said, “I get headaches when I am on my iPad too much, so I bought blue light glasses and I feel like they really work”. 

Math teacher Ms. Mager stated how she likes iPads because it makes grading and assigning work easier for her, but she understands that some students extremely dislike working on iPads. Mager also described how she likes to give quizzes on the iPad. Mager said, “There is a benefit to giving quizzes on the ipads. I get good data to clearly see what questions kids struggle on and what things I might need to adjust with my teaching.”

Although there are some aspects of iPads that tend to make students frustrated, I think that overall, they benefit the classroom in a positive way. iPads help students get in contact with teachers and use apps and other resources that help our learning blossom and grow.