In the Spotlight: Seniors for Syria

Allison Kufta, Editor in Chief

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Maddy Schierl and Bridget Brodlo exemplify meaningful leadership and compassion at Nazareth Academy. In CWI, this year’s seniors explored the Middle East and learned the true, terrible extent of suffering of war-torn areas like Syria. This class and knowledge of current events inspired Maddy and Bridget to find a way to aid Syrians. Mr. Gonzalez connected Maddy to Allie Chen, a psychologist that also is a UN contact who specializes in child trauma and works in refugee camps in Lebanon. In their Skype conversation, Allie Chen and Maddy discussed an organization that the Nazareth community could fundraise for—Jusoor. This money will be donated to Jusoor’s early education programs in Lebanese Syrian refugee camps.  

After obtaining this information, Maddy and Bridget started the Seniors for Syria project, which aims to collect $10 from every senior to help make a difference for Syrians. Since there are 192 seniors in the class of 2017, we could send a healthy sum of around $1920, if everyone contributes.

Maddy speaks about the project, “I felt that this fundraiser is especially needed in the current political climate. It is necessary to show compassion and to let Syrians know that the international community cares for them.” Bridget also shares her thoughts, “My hope for the project is that we truly will make a difference in the lives of refugees, and that it will inspire others to make efforts to help as well.”

Love in the Nazareth community trumps fear and hate, and this project by our seniors, led by Maddy Schierl and Bridget Brodlo, makes this abundantly clear.

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