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Test Prep Tips

Xareni Palacios, Staff Writer

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We’re well into the school year, and while some students are pleased with their grades, others will be hoping their parents don’t check their email and will be wishing they’d studied more. However, even the best of students freak out before a test, so here are 5 great tips on how to keep your cool on test days.

1 – Ask for help  

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions. You may want to start by asking a friend in your class for help, but if you both need help, go talk to your teachers! Your teachers are there to help you, they don’t want to see you fail, even if you claim that they may hate you.

2 – Visit the Tutoring Center

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your teachers, go to the tutoring center! Open every day before and after school, top students are there to answer any questions you may have.

Student Tutor, Izabel Beczkiewicz says, “We just make them feel safe and like they can talk to us without feeling dumb. We put ourselves in their shoes and think about how we would want to be treated.”  

The whole point of the tutoring center is to offer another way for students to get help and since you’re working with other students instead of teachers, it isn’t as intimidating. Don’t be afraid to drop by even if you have one simple question, they’re there to help you out!

3- Use Quizlet

Make quizlets to study information that needs to be memorized, like vocabulary for your next English quiz, or formulas for that math test you fear. Sometimes there are even quizlets premade by other students you can use. It’s no question that Quizlet is a great study tool that you should take advantage of!

4 – Write things down

It has been scientifically proven that physically writing something down helps the brain remember it. A study was conducted by Daniel Oppenheimer and Pam Mueller of UCLA where they discovered this strategy helps the brain comprehend the information.

Whether it’s writing down important dates or vocabulary definitions, simply writing things down is an effective way of studying, even while some may consider it old-fashioned. The next time you have trouble remembering something, write it over and over until it’s second nature to you.

5 – Read out loud

When reviewing notes or studying, read aloud to yourself. Listening to your own voice say the information will help your brain learn it easier. Although you may look a little crazy, this will help you focus better. It is easy for your mind to drift off when you read silently; this forces you to pay attention to what you’re studying.

6 – Self-Care!

Know your limits. Although you may really want that “A” on your next test, you should be aware of when you begin to overwhelm yourself. Go to bed early the night before, and eat a good breakfast in the morning. It may sound like a cliché your teacher tells you the day before any test, but it’s true. Keep yourself healthy and spread out your study time! Don’t just leave it to the night before and stress out.


We’re all capable of doing well in school, just work hard and take your time. The results you receive are a reflection of the work you put in. If you’re not happy with a grade you have, try a different approach than the one you’re currently doing. Never give up if you know you’re doing your best — Soon, you’ll be so proud of your grades you’ll be begging your parents to check their email.


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