The modernization of M Building


Emily Sackley, Staff Writer

In recent years, there has been a lot of construction on the Nazareth campus. The Walsh Center is finished and all are enjoying the new facilities. Most recently, the remodeling of the M Building has improved the school greatly giving a new home to World Language and World History classes.

This part of campus includes the latest and greatest technological advances, and accommodates over 800 internet users here at Naz. There is a sparkling clean environment which undoubtedly will allow the flourishing of impressive work ethics.

When asked about how he liked the building he now works in, Spanish teacher Mr. Almonaci replied, “I love the M Building! It is fabulous! It is very comfortable and clean.”

Freshman Bianca Ortiz agrees, “It is clean, and has better desks.” Freshman Jeni Iyengar adds, “The M Building is very, very complex, clean, and very shiny!”

Along with the shiny new classrooms, the heating and air conditioning system was upgraded for thorough temperature regulation. The lighting and windows were also updated. Another great advantage is that students no longer have to learn in mobile units on campus. Students and teachers alike are relieved to be relocated back inside the building, especially with cold weather looming.

The overall goal for a fresh look was achieved with new furniture and new equipment, but on top of that, Naz went “Green” as the refurbished M Building is eco-friendly. The restrooms have been updated in order to accommodate more people and so have the hallways, so that during “rush – hour” passing periods, students don’t get too crowded.

Mr. Moran shed light on the the purpose of the mysterious sinks, curtains, and tiled floor section in the basement of M Building; it will be used for extracurricular activity purposes and Mrs. White and the Drama department will use the sinks for makeup and hair before their shows.

The construction of M Building has been a great success. All of the noise, blocked stairwells, and money that went into the project was worth it.