Susan Stanley joins science department

Alexis Hernandez

Stanley joined the Nazareth family this year as a Biology and AP Biology teacher, with an impressive and diverse educational background. She is a lifelong learner and strives for her students’ engagement and success in her classes. 

Stanley was actually inspired to become a teacher herself not by a former science teacher, but her world language teacher. “I had an incredible French teacher in high school and she inspired me so much that it made me want to get into that field,” she shared.

 Stanley was also inspired by her parents. She says they always pushed her to be the best she could be, and that’s what she expects of her students in and out of the classroom, too. She holds herself and her students to this high standard, despite the circumstances this year has brought on; she says she will do her best to ensure the success of her students. 

As a woman in STEM she strives to empower other women and states that she has two nieces and is really trying to break the stereotypes that STEM is not for women. She wants to motivate her female students especially, because she understands the unfair, negative connotation that the sciences have historically not been for women.

Doing something new is always a leap of faith, but Stanley feels motivated by the atmosphere brought on by the Naz school community. She shared, “Starting during this pandemic is interesting enough, but the students have been very nice and very supportive. The faculty and my colleagues have been so welcoming and nurturing.” 

Not only is Stanley passionate about teaching but is also very dedicated to whatever new task may come her way. She recently completed a Half Iron Man triathlon which involves swimming, biking, and running a half marathon. 

Although Stanley has just joined the Nazareth family it is very clear that we are lucky to have her as one of the newest additions to the Science Department.