Sara Shannon takes on full-time role in guidance

Caroline Langs

While this is not Sara Shannon’s first year at Nazareth, it is her first year in her new, full-time role in the Guidance Department alongside Jim Legner as Academic Support Counselor.  Shannon, often stationed in the tutoring center, is present and eager to assist students in any way she can. 

Our students are grateful for her positive attitude and willingness to help – she is there when they need to make up missed tests and assignments, get help with homework or coordinate student tutors.

Shannon earned her bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Illinois and then went on to Lewis University for her Master’s in School Counseling. For seven years, Shannon lived and worked in Nashville, Tennessee and put her bachelor’s degree to work in the music industry in addition to pursuing other interests in public relations and coaching volleyball.

After finishing her internship with guidance last year, Shannon decided to stay at Nazareth for many reasons. “The whole school feels like a family, it is a family environment here and I love how involved all the students are. I also love all the guidance counselors in the department,” said Shannon. 

Shannon’s favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to get to know the students she works with. Having a job that allows her to become close to students is a dream come true. 

When Shannon is not at work, she loves spending time with her beloved cat, Minnow. Nazareth is lucky to welcome Shannon in her full-time role in the Guidance Department.