Dynamic Ramos joins Theology Department

Caroline Langs

Rosalinda Ramos joined the Theology Department and the Nazareth Academy family at the start of the school year.

“I picked Nazareth because I am a practicing Catholic and I studied theology along with teaching it. The Nazareth Academy pillars really stand out to me and I felt like it would be a nice environment to be in, especially because I love talking about scripture and what it is to be a theologian,” said Ramos.

Because Ramos didn’t attend a Catholic school until college,  she was excited to be able to have the experience as a teacher at a Catholic high school. And, Nazareth has a specific draw: Saint Joseph. “Saint Joseph is very influential in my life and I am consecrated to the Virgin Mary. So, it is like I have Mary and now [at Nazareth] I have the opportunity to get closer to Joseph.”

Ramos’ favorite part of her job is getting to know and connect with her students. She said, “Being young myself makes it easier to build relationships with my students. I identify with these young people. In a way, I see them as my little siblings because I have a sibling in high school so I know what it is like.”

Ramos’ goals go beyond religion, a whiteboard, and the halls of Nazareth Academy. She hopes to start graduate school while teaching full time. She admits that time management can be a challenge, because she loves to spend time with her family and friends, too. But, she says the burden of stress is lessened just being here at Nazareth.

A little known fact is that Ramos, in addition to teaching,  is currently working on her own fashion line and makes costumes and apparel on the side. It’s just the beginning of her passion, but she says she wants to pursue her interests in fashion and start a business one day. 

As if she didn’t already have enough on her plate, Ramos is also a member of a nonprofit organization that works for first generation young adult Latinos who are about to graduate high school. The organization helps these students apply for scholarships, financial aid, find connections to colleges, and more. 

The Nazareth community is fortunate to have such a dynamic teacher join the faculty and we look forward to all that Ramos will bring to her role inside and outside of the classroom.