Zlatic learns and grows with students

Ara Vasquez and Anna Waters

Steven Zlatic is one of the newest members of the Theology Department at Nazareth. He teaches Freshman Scripture and Church History and also is a Gospel Service Coordinator. 

Zlatic is from St. Louis, where as a teen, he focused on his studies and his love of competitive volleyball. After a state win with his volleyball team, Zlatic went on to attend Lewis University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Secondary Education. Later, he earned Masters’ degrees in Pastoral Studies and Divinity from Loyola University in Chicago.

While he doesn’t play competitive sports anymore, Zlatic is still very active and is an avid runner. He loves being on the move, especially outdoors. When he’s not out for a long run, Zlatic is likely out with his wife, daughter and son doing something active like biking or hiking.

While Zlatic was a very good student himself, he realizes that every student is unique. He aims to teach students in the way that works for them as individuals. He loves each of his students and hopes that with his help, they will all learn and grow together.

Zlatic feels “touched by God” and hopes to inspire students to discover the same for themselves. “There is more in you than you can ever know and you are loved more than you could ever know, ” said Zlatic.

The Theology Department and the Nazareth community as a whole welcomes Zlatic and his positive and inclusive spirit.