Maggie Mazur creates a student-centered classroom

Greta Nelson

Maggie Mazur joined the English department this year and is enjoying teaching American Literature to Juniors and English 1 to freshmen. A graduate of Saint Xavier University, Mazur began her teaching career at Morton East high school in Cicero.

While she is new to her position at Nazareth, Mazur is familiar with the area. She grew up in Burbank and says that she and her friends frequently spent time shopping in Downtown LaGrange. She cites her own high school years as a time of growth; starting off very shy, she gained confidence over the years. Mazur even believes that her growth as a student has brought her to where she is today. 

Mazur wanted to be a teacher ever since she was young. She played school with family and friends and thinks that she has always had the qualities that make a good teacher. “I like to see people who are struggling succeed with my help,” she said.

Mazur’s experience at Nazareth has been positive. She says she has been overwhelmed by the welcome and support of the entire Nazareth community. “Students are amazing,” she said, “so caring, so thoughtful, so reflective.” One of her goals for this year is to create a more student-centered classroom environment. She is also trying to get involved with Nazareth activities. She moderates the very popular Baking Club, and she is interested in participating in retreats such as Kairos.

Outside of school, Mazur spends much of her time with her friends and family. Her hobbies include baking and dancing. A fact most people may not know is that Mazur attended Polish school for eleven years, and she is fluent in Polish. She is very grateful to have had this opportunity, as it has enabled her to make connections within the Polish community.

The Nazareth community is fortunate to have Mazur join the family and we welcome her – witaj w Nazarecie!