Healthcare hopefuls flock to student club


Photo by Isabel Cervantes

Future Healthcare Professionals Club meeting in the Media Center.

Isabel Cervantes 

The future doctors, nurses, technicians and medical administrators of our generation are already beginning their career in the medical field as they become members of the Future Healthcare Professionals Club at Nazareth.

The club was started in 2019 by then Senior Luke Baumel. Since then, the club has transformed from a single kid interested in medicine to a growing group of motivated students who are determined to one day change the world. Initial membership was estimated at sixty to seventy kids and now there are over one hundred members. 

The Future Healthcare Professionals Club grew quickly during the worldwide COVID pandemic which spiked interest in current medical advancements and news. 

The club moderator and Academic Support Counselor Jim Legner said, “Healthcare is such a diverse and large field that covers everything from being a doctor or a nurse, to being a scientist or administrator. The special thing is that you don’t have to want to be a doctor to be interested.” 

Everyone involved in this club had a different inspiration to put their name on that sign up sheet with interests ranging from working to cure specific illnesses to fulfilling childhood dreams. Even Mr. Legner has a background in working at University of Chicago Hospitals. 

Executive club member, junior Sydney Santiago said that the one thing she loves most about the club is how dedicated everyone is to learning about healthcare. And, she really appreciates the guest speakers who are invited to talk to the club. She said she was inspired by all of the doctors and medical professionals that have come to share their stories. 

This club has managed, very quickly, to build a community and family within the club itself. As Executive club member, junior Tatum Barbier agrees that this group is more of a community than a club. She said she loves being a member of a community where everyone is helping and supporting each other, while all having the same goal.

The feeling of this club is something special, but the club does a great job of executing the reason for its existence, inspiring kids to one day be a part of the medical field. Almost every meeting a different guest speaker comes in to talk about their background and role in the world of medicine. 

People from trainers to doctors to STEM engineers have come in to try and help inspire the students involved and interested in pursuing these careers. But, the best part of this club isn’t the speakers, the aspiration for future careers, or even seeing the dreams come true. It’s the students who are a part of this club. 

Legner said, “It’s definitely the students. This year is great, we’re in person, and the leadership team really wants to do fun and relevant activities. I’m amazed at how big it’s gotten, at least double this year from last year, and it’s just so cool to see growth.”

If you’re interesting in being a part of this club, all are welcome to attend the next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, March 9 in the Media Center. The club will welcome guest speaker John Polivka, DDS who is a Nazareth alumnus and a professional orthodontist.