Mary Jo Rudney joins business office


Miles Hayford

After working at the Harris Theater in Chicago and CNA Insurance, Mary Jo Rudney recently joined Nazareth’s business office as the Director of Finance.

So far, she has been enjoying it. A big part of her job is keeping track of financial details and inputting them into the general ledger, a record of all the financial transactions. Her favorite part of the job is just crunching the numbers. “I love working with numbers,” said Rudney. Her love of numbers originated during college. She originally started out as a math major, but eventually changed to business administration and earned her a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

While she loves the intricacies of crunching numbers, she does admit there are challenges. Rudney thinks that the hardest part of the job is keeping on top of all of those entries and moving parts, and getting all of those details entered on a timely basis.

Aside from her work life, she loves photography and ballroom dancing.  Rudney has done ballroom dancing for over 20 years. She even used to dance competitively. Nowadays, she just does social dancing and exhibitions. She loves the exercise that comes with it and how even after 20 years of dancing, she is still learning. Rudney said, “It’s just fun and I love meeting all kinds of new people.” Her favorite dance to do is the waltz.

Although most students don’t interact with her regularly, she still is impacting student’s lives with her dedication to her work in the business office. Rudney is excited to help Naz with her expertise, and Naz welcomes her with open arms.