Mary Hetland offers support and kindness


Photo by Trea Notz

Trea Notz

Accounting Clerk Mary Hetland joined the business office this year and Nazareth is lucky to have her talents and kind spirit as part of the team. While most students do not interact with Hetland in her position, her colleagues can see that she loves helping everyone around her however she can.

Hetland has previously worked in school environments and as a student herself has earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Hetland’s favorite part of the job is helping people that need it the most throughout the school. She said that her motivation to get up everyday is learning new things to help herself and her office to succeed. 

A generous person, Hetland considers her contribution to the business office one of support. She always thinks of how she can help give what others need. She is proud of her position at Naz because she contributes her full, undivided attention to her assignments. 

In addition to her work life, Hetland loves being outdoors with her husband and her sons. She likes to bike, hike, picnic, and even just sit outside and read. 

Over the summer, she enjoyed watching the Olympics, especially the swimming and track and field events. Hetland had said if she was a student at Nazareth, she would love to be a part of the basketball and softball teams. 

Hetland always tries to make others smile and says that makes her the happiest in the world. Helping the elderly in any way she can also gives her great joy. She says that she will do anything to make others’ struggles in life a bit easier. 

We are glad to welcome such a kind and generous person to the Nazareth business office.