Nazareth welcomes Nadine Kelecich


photo by Ashley Ponton

Ashley Ponton

The business office recently welcomed staff accountant Nadine Kelecich to join the team.  Kelechich has a big love for business but also being in a workplace around young people. She said, “I was looking more for a school environment; I liked being around the kids and working around them.” Her love for working with students began while volunteering at Holy Trinity where her own kids attended. 

Before she joined the Naz team, she was working at Society Little Flower, but knew the position was not quite what she was looking for, and then she found the Nazareth business office and knew the fit with her current position was right.

Kelecich was born in Chicago and grew up in Illinois. She received her degree in accounting, and attended North Central college in nearby Naperville for two years then transferred to Indiana State University.

She is one of the many “behind the scenes” staff members that keeps the school going by making sure vendors are paid, among other things. She is willing to do anything for the students and school, because to her it is important to keep it running and make the school a better place.

Outside of her job at Naz, Kelechich is mother of two kids who are off at college. She just had her youngest go away and is adjusting to the change.  She loves to read and go out to explore new places around her home. She has recently watched Downton Abbey and enjoys watching shows about history like a recent one she watched about Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.

Kelechich’s whole family has a big love for music and instruments and even took piano lessons for 12 years herself. She hopes to be able to attend concerts, plays or travel close around in her free time.  

Her biggest inspiration growing up and still to this day is her father. He was a high school teacher and taught business and accounting, which made her love for this grow even stronger and helped her figure out what she wanted to eventually do after high school. Kelechich said she finds accounting very interesting. 

Kelechich is a very independent woman, who is hardworking and is dedicated to whatever her job brings. She said, “I am conscientious and I take my job and different things seriously and will follow up on whatever I’m doing”.

Naz is happy to have this new member added to our staff team in the business office and looks forward to getting to know her better.