Naz alum returns as database manager


photo by Mackenzie Hyland

Mackenzie Hyland and McCahey Hardy

Abriella Marincus graduated from Nazareth in 2010. She continued her path of education at Northeastern Illinois University and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting. After a few years and a few new additions to her family, Marincus returned back to Nazareth. “I chose to work at Nazareth because I had the feeling of being back at home and I was very comfortable with the environment,” she said. 

As Database Manager, Marincus works in the business department and oversees all donations, keeps track of the monthly budget reports, and holds discussions with donors outside of school. “I enjoy what I do and I enjoy being able to use my accounting background in a professional setting here as Database Manager,” she said. 

Marincus excels when it comes to multitasking and prides herself on being a kind mother, professional, and grad school student. Marincus is currently enrolled as a grad school student at Keller University and works to obtain a Master’s in Accounting.

This year, Marincus utilizes her skills to help work on the annual Nazareth WALK, the school’s second biggest fundraising event. Marincus is incredibly grateful for this experience and said, “I have a special connection working on this project because I took part in the WALK when I was a student here at Nazareth”.

Marincus enjoyed her years at Nazareth and said that it truly shaped her into the person she is today. Aside from providing her with a great education and incredible high school experience, Nazareth also introduced Marincus to her high school sweetheart. After graduation, the couple moved on to attend Northeastern Illinois University together and years later, they settled down, got married and started a family of their own. Today, Marincus lives happily with her husband and their two sons.

This year, Marincus made the decision to return to the school that had given her so much. She said that she was truly drawn back because she loves the friendliness and inclusivity of the Nazareth family. Marincus says that Nazareth is the same comfortable, welcoming environment as when she attended the school as a student. 

“I love the people I work with, I love the school I work for, and if you are happy it makes everything much easier,” Marincus said. She is so grateful to be surrounded by such encouraging, supportive people. They have made her transition here very fluid and easy. Marincus is excited for this new journey at Nazareth and for all of the opportunities that this year will bring.