Ms. Zahn joins theology department


photo by Claudia Kazupski

Samantha Chopp and Claudia Kazupski

The theology department welcomed Katie Zahn at the start of this school year. Zahn teaches Old Testament, New Testament and Freshman Religion. 

Zahn found her passion in the religion department while attending the University of Dayton where she received her bachelor’s degree in secondary Catholic religious education and religious studies. Zahn is looking forward to making relationships with her students, teaching and discussing theology, and creating relationships with fellow teachers and faculty. 

Prior to her position at Nazareth, Zahn worked as a nanny for three years and as an office assistant. 

There was something that drew Zahn to Nazareth. “It was partially a desire to move to Illinois and I had heard a lot of really good things about this school,” said Zahn., “I think I kind of just got lucky to end up here.”

Zahn’s favorite part of her job is creating relationships with her students, while the most difficult part is keeping up with grades. Another challenge that Zahn struggles with is having ADHD and dyslexia. To overcome these challenges, Zahn said, “I have to have multiple different routines in place to make sure that I get my planning done and to make sure my Power Points are legible.” 

Something fun that Zahn finds helpful when struggling with these things is juggling. Not many people know that she can juggle and Zahn finds it very therapeutic. 

Outside of her workplace, Zahn enjoys both listening to music and watching documentaries. She also has a beagle named Elliot who she enjoys spending time with. She mentioned that her apartment was opening up their pool to dogs in the building and expressed excitement for Elliot being able to enjoy the pool. 

Zahn has some big travel goals, too. Since she’s a quarter Canadian, she’s been traveling back and forth across the border ever since she was born. She said, “I want to visit every continent and visit every Six Flags.” So far, she’s been to Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. This most interesting place that she’s visited has been the Vatican. She has been to one Six Flags so far but is looking forward to visiting more because she loves roller coasters. 

Zahn is excited to continue her career at Nazareth, bring her positivity into class, and teach a subject she is passionate about.