Erin Burba returns as school nurse


photo by Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson and Claire Layden

Erin Grogan Burba is a Naz alum and registered nurse who has become a member of the faculty at Nazareth Academy this school year. Burba has been a practicing nurse for the past 16 years and she has four young children at home. 

Burba said that she was looking for a new job that was in closer proximity to her home where she would still be able to help young people as a nurse. “Coming to Nazareth was sort of the perfect fit for my situation and was a great opportunity for me,” Burba said.

“The best part of the job is definitely the students, [they] are all really awesome,” said Burba. However, she also said that getting to know all of the students and her colleagues’ names would be a bit difficult and is definitely a challenge that she has to face. “School nursing is new to me and some of the aspects of it will take some getting used to,” she said. 

Burba grew up in Willowbrook along with three siblings who all graduated from Nazareth. She attended St. Isaac Jogues in Hinsdale for grammar school.

As part of the 2001 graduating class at Naz, Burba went to school with other members of the current Nazareth staff and faculty. “I was actually in the same graduating class as Mr. [Casey] Moran and Mrs. Byram,” she said.

After her graduation from Nazareth, Burba attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Nursing.

After college, Burba worked at Northwestern University Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital, and Edward-Elmhurst Hospital. She and her husband lived in Washington, D.C. for a few years and while there, she worked as an organ transplant coordinator at Georgetown. 

Outside of work, Burba plays tennis at least once a week and she also really likes hanging out with her friends, family, and co-workers. Another thing that she enjoys is attending and having fun at different music concerts. Burba said that she would love to attend Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada and that it is definitely on her bucket list.