Allyson Hansen: a great addition to the math department


Photo by Caroline Langs

Caroline Langs and Elizabeth Corral

Allyson Hansen joined the math department this year to teach Algebra, Algebra 2 and Trig Honors and already, Hansen has grown to love the environment at Nazareth. 

Hansen knew about Naz due to her friendship with Computer Science teacher Josh Bielanski who she said constantly talked highly of the school. He would brag about how outstanding the student body is along with how supportive the administration is and that was something that really meant a lot to Hansen. 

While Naz does offer a welcoming environment, there is still a learning curve when starting a job at a new school. Hansen said, “I think the hardest part of my job is really just being new to it. It’s a weird adjustment period where I have to create a lot of my own materials for class and get in the groove of time management and being smart about it.” 

Despite the challenges, Hansen has already seen great payoff like watching her students achieve small victories or when they overcome the “I can’t do this” phase of a problem. 

There is more to Hansen besides her math capabilities. She also works as a lifeguard, loves to go on hikes and her most surprising talent is that she can do the worm! Her biggest dream is to travel abroad. Her love for Europe is the main reason she wants to travel out of the country, specifically to Ireland. 

A regret of Hansen’s was not joining the math team in high school. Hansen said, “I didn’t think I was going to study math; I thought I was going to go into science or medical school.” She also said how she always loved math and looked at it as if it was a puzzle.  

Hansen is not only an essential part of the Nazareth community now, but she is a loving individual who craves to inspire others and we welcome her warmly to her new role.