Carmella Olson joins the “Dean Team”

Grace Comer

Carmella Olson is the newest addition to the Dean’s office. She joins this dynamic department as the new Administrative Assistant. She is a very dedicated and passionate individual when it comes to her work. Before coming to Nazareth, Olson worked for many years as a teacher’s assistant in Chicago Public Schools. 

Nazareth has become a home away from home since Olson is the proud mother of Senior Michael Olson. When choosing her new place of work she considered Nazareth because of her familiarity with the school.  “I always thought it was a wonderful place that I would love to work at. I kept checking the job listings to see if there was something that would apply to me – and then I got lucky,” said Olson. 

She started as the Dean’s Office Administrative Assistant this past October.  Now during COVID, Olson is working hard getting to know the current responsibilities of her role, and she knows that things will be different once the school returns to the pre-COVID schedule.

While working at Nazareth, Olson has felt welcomed and loved by the students, faculty and staff. Her favorite part of the job is getting to work with the Dean’s office staff behind the scenes and helping out whenever she can. “I love the staff I get to work with, we call ourselves ‘The Dean Team,’” shared Olson. 

Olson thinks that time management is one of the most important aspects of her job. In the Dean’s office it tends to get busy with reports and with assisting students and staff, so managing these different responsibilities is one of her biggest challenges. “I enjoy a good challenge, it’s not a negative thing at all,” said Olson. 

Outside of Nazareth, one of her favorite things to do is travel. She loves traveling to any destination with her family. “I really want to travel to Ireland, I have seen so many pictures of how green it is,” said Olson. 

Since traveling has been limited this year due to COVID, one of Olson’s new favorite pastimes is spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. She loves to try new recipes and make delicious foods for her friends and family.  “I have stacks and stacks of recipes waiting to be made, but I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to get to all of them,” said Olson. 

Nazareth is so lucky to have Carmella Olson join the Dean’s office team and we are happy to welcome her.