Red Ribbon Week alert: Injuries and deaths due to vaping on the rise


Photo by Miles Hayford

Freshmen Michelle Toledano and Hannah Cole and Seniors Juan Ramirez and Adam Korinek support Red Ribbon Week

Miles Hayford

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that of October 17th, there have been 33 vaping related deaths across 24 states. Additionally, over 1,400 injures have been linked to the use of vaping products. This is a nationwide crisis, and Naz students have some strong opinions on the topic.

When a group of six freshman girls heard about this report, they were in shock.  Mel Ortiz shares her concern, “We all underestimate the effect vaping has on us.”  Annabel Nordahl agrees, “I would make it illegal.” These girls were eager to share their views on the epidemic.  Two Juniors were also upset. “There is just no point in vaping,” Nathaly Galvez said. While Margarita Esquivel simply stated, “It can lead to tons of health problems.”

Sophomore Daniel Herrera brought up an interesting point.  He acknowledged the horrible effects of vaping, but he also expressed another point of view.  “Vaping is problem that drives attention away from smoking cigarettes.” The harmful chemicals in cigarettes can certainly back up his argument.  

According to the Amercan Cancer Society, more than 480,000 people in the United States die from illnesses related to tobacco use each year. While vaping may well be just as dangerous, there is not yet as much clear evidence to prove it.  

School nurse, Ms.Gross, is very concerned that young people do not understand that the contents of e-cigarette cartridges are full of unknown substances.  “It’s a lot more than just vapor.” She goes on to talk about the misleading labels of E-cigarettes and the dangers of the “off brand” cartridges. It’s these unregulated products that seems to be causing the recent illnesses and deaths across the country.

Awareness of the harmful effects of vaping is on the rise, especially during Red Ribbon Week: the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon Week brings people together to show their commitment to live drug-free and alcohol-free lives. This year, Red Ribbon Week at Nazareth is being celebrated from today through Thursday, October 31.