Apple to introduce new iPhone


Christian Gonzalez

With Apple’s next iPhone reveal event scheduled for September 10, rumors have been spreading about what features the next iteration will include. 

YouTube Tech reporter Fillip Koyroy specified that the iPhone 11 will be equipped with an additional 3rd camera that will be used for ultra-wide-angle photos, which allows the user to take photos with much more depth. In addition, a USB-C charging port is also expected to be replacing the lightning port that has been on the iPhone 5 since 2012. This came as a surprise because Apple makes profit off every accessory with their charger on it. 

The final piece of the puzzle Koyroy explained, was that the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be seeing at least a 25% increase in battery capacity. 

Bloomberg Tech reporters, Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu’s August 22 article reveals that the next series of iPhones will come with an upgraded FaceID sensor, improved water resistance, additional cameras and will also be seeing a new matte finish option that will enhance the shatter-resistance of the phone. 

Their report also stated that this year Apple will shy away from 5G technology on their smartphones, unlike Samsung who have recently added it to their phones this year.

Nazareth’s Assistant Technology Coordinator Mr. Peck is not impressed by the latest release. He says, “To most people, as average consumers, these features are useless and it’s just a cash grab.” Sophomore Mitch Cannon agrees,  “I’m not really looking forward to it, [the camera] looks kinda stupid.”

 While people in the tech community are excited at whatever little change Apple might make, it seems the consensus at Nazareth is a little less enthusiastic. Whether you’re waiting in line for the next iPhone or not, rest assured Apple will always come out with something new every year.