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Global warming, climate change a continued threat

Anne Swade, Staff Writer

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This past winter, we enjoyed some unusually warm weather in Chicago. Some argue that Chicago weather is always so unpredictable, but do you ever wonder what is causing these spikes in temperatures, or how this unusual weather is affecting the globe?

For some of us, it is hard to enjoy this warm weather without thinking about the climate change that could potentially be causing this; however, some experts say that it is not a result of climate change at all, and abnormal weather patterns are seen all over history.

Some meteorologists say that these periods of warmth are too short to conclude that climate change is causing them. Other scientists theorize that these unpredictable weather patterns are due to a lack of ice cover in the North Pole and Arctic.

Climate change has already had significant effects across the globe and scientists are taking notice. According to scientists at NASA, we can expect to see changes in precipitation pattern, stronger hurricanes, rising sea levels, and an ice free Arctic. Although the growing season will continue to lengthen, droughts and heat waves will occur more frequently.

Biology teacher Mr. Tassone states, “You could say that global warming is occurring. Record temperatures are seen all over the United States which changes the environment, ultimately leading to rising ocean temperatures, melting of the ice caps, and many species actually becoming extinct. Looking at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, there is bleaching of the coral due to increases in temperatures and water acidity.”

Although global climate change may not be directly causing these high temperatures in Chicago, it is still a major issue for our world leaders, and we should all be working to solve this prevalent issue.


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