Naz Drama gets a clue 


Athena Doulas

Just last month, the dark theaters that line the streets of Broadway were lit once again as productions returned to stage and doors opened to audiences in New York. The same is happening closer to home in Chicago. 

Broadway in Chicago just reopened their productions on October 5th, operating at 100% capacity and requiring either proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test. Additional precautions are in place for Broadway in Chicago shows: “The proper wearing of masks will be required of you at all times in the theatre and throughout the performance,” said the Broadway in Chicago website.

Here at Nazareth, the drama department is eager to fire up the stage lights and welcome audiences back to the Romano Family Theatre October 28th through the 30th for their production of Clue: a fun-loving who-done-it based on the Hasbro game Clue. 

Director Kim White is very excited to be back with her cast and crew rehearsing in person and can’t wait for the show to premiere at the end of this month. White said, “We are so happy to be back together and in a room rehearsing.” 

While the show will go on, there are still some obstacles to overcome because of COVID. Masking is required for both actors and the audience in the Romano Theater, and the actors will have to perform with masks on at all times. White has been looking into clear masks for the actors because for this play, facial expressions are key. 

Although acting with a mask may be a challenge, sophomore Sophia Belcaster, who plays Miss Scarlett said, “The masks are hard to work with, especially with talking hours at a time, but it is a blessing to even have a show.” Both White and Belcaster are having a blast at rehearsals and are so excited for Clue.

Senior Molly McGee plays Mrs. Peacock and is the only 4-year Drama Club member in the cast. She has always looked forward to being a senior in a drama production and is so happy to be a part of this year’s fall play. “It’s a lot of fun teaching everyone what we need to do during tech week. It’s very special,” said McGee. While there’s always a mix of stress and fun when it comes to mounting a production on stage, McGee admits that this production is less stressful and more fun. 

Senior Jauvaugh Jossell, who is playing Mr. Boddy only recently became interested in acting. It was during quarantine when Jossell binge-watched Star Wars and found himself in awe of the stunt acting in The Mandalorian. Jossell reached out to Kim White for advice on getting into the field, and she suggested that he enroll in Acting I and audition for the fall play.

His experience so far has been good, he said, “It’s been very laid back, but with the play coming up in two weeks, it just clicked that I’ve got to get my lines memorized. There’s a bit of anxiety but I think we’ve got it in the bag.”

Though where he’ll be next fall is still to be determined, Jossell plans on majoring in theatre in college. He would like to put all of his years of athletic training to use and find his way into stunt acting, too.

Despite the unknowns at the start of the school year, there were over 50 students that tried out for Clue. White was nervous that the try out turnout would be low, but was she wrong – she was amazed at the number of students who were excited to be a part of the production.

The production’s large cast of characters include junior Gavin Dimit as Wadsworth, freshman Cassidy Murphy as Yvette, sophomore Sophia Belcaster as Miss Scarlet, senior Molly McGee as Mrs. Peacock, junior Emma Francis as Mrs. White, junior Ian Surowiec as Colonel Mustard, junior Harrison Gianares as Professor Plum, sophomore John Crandall as Mr. Green, junior Greta Nelson as The Cook, freshman Maryssa Zielinski as the Singing Telegram Girl, junior Noah Lenaghan as the Backup Cop, senior Javaughn Jossell as Mr. Boddy, sophomore Ava Bucur as The Motorist, freshman Jay Conkin as the Chief of Police and sophomore Sebastian Wagner as the Unexpected Cop. The understudies are sophomore Ava Bucur, freshman Jay Conkin, sophomore Sebastian Wagner and freshman Maryssa Zielinski. The student directors are senior Emma Falco, junior Julienne Custodio, and freshman Iris Nelson.

Performances run Thursday, October 28, Friday, October 29 and Saturday October 30. All shows are at 7 p.m., live on stage in the Romano Family Theatre at Nazareth Academy. 

Please note that all audience members must be masked to enter Nazareth Academy and must remain masked throughout the show.