A blast from the past: Galloping Ghost Arcade 

Claudia Kazupski

The Galloping Ghost Arcade is well known for their huge selection of vintage arcade games from all around the world. Located at 9415 Ogden Ave., in Brookfield, this arcade has over seven hundred games, many of which were saved from destruction and restored. 

The arcade has been open for almost a decade and is always adding more addicting games to play. For twenty dollars, you get to play all day long – and you can even leave and come back throughout the day. If you get hungry, there is a snack bar with different snacks and drinks. 

What I can tell you about this place is that right when you walk in the door you will see a massive variety of games with lights flashing and different sounds coming from every direction. The only disadvantage at Galloping Ghost is that they really pack the games in there, giving you less space to move around. 

I’ve been to the arcade a few times with my family because my dad enjoys playing vintage games. For my dad and others of his generation, visiting the arcade is about the nostalgia. He says, “It brought back memories of when I was a kid when all of my friends and I would always hang out at our arcade.” 

I did enjoy my time there and it was fun seeing my dad playing the games he liked when he was my age.  And twenty dollars for a full day of arcade playing is not that bad of a price since you can leave and return within that day. I recommend going; you might be surprised on how much fun you’ll have. 

If you love old games and want to experience how they were originally played, you’ll love Galloping Ghost.