Hallway etiquette: How do you rate?

Xareni Palacios, Staff Writer

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A Naz student spends just under half an hour in the hallway for passing periods on any given school day. While some students mind their own business in the hallways as they swiftly make their way from building to building and class to class, others cause quite a scene in those precious minutes between classes.

Answer the following questions and keep track of the points as you go to learn what your passing period performance says about you.

Have you ever…
Shoved a person out of your way (+10)
Said “excuse me” in order to get past (-3)
Walked in a horizontal cluster with your friends and blocked the hallway (+5)
Been a slow walker (+2)
Been a slow walker..on purpose (+15)
Yelled when it’s uncalled for (+12)
Had a full blown conversation stopped mid-hallway (+6)
Dropped your stuff on accident(-5)
Dropped your stuff on purpose (+5)
Stood in a stairwell blocking the path (+10)
Fallen down the stairs (-10)
Left garbage on the floor (+8)
Sat on the ground (+8)
Done a cartwheel or other obscure acrobatics (+50)
Used foul language (+20)
Driven around in a small one person car (+50)
Rode a unicycle down the bridge (+150)
Played music at full volume (+10)
Used a bullhorn (+15)
Thrown a snowball (+25)
Roamed with no certain destination (+5)

If you scored…

You really paid attention in that “hallway etiquette” class, good for you. You walk through the hallways with a certain strut no one else can compete with. Continue on being perfect, you hallway angel.

Although you may slip up sometimes, you generally make your way through the halls seemingly unnoticed. You may not go above and beyond, but it’s okay, we’re not all perfect.

You’re not the worst, but you could do so much better. Maybe the next time you’re in the hallway, try to be a positive influence. Be the best hallway buddy you can be. I believe in you.

It’s time for an intervention, please contact guidance so you can set up a meeting with your counselor, they can direct you to the next hallway etiquette class. Jokes aside,  next time you’re in a crowd, try not to terrorize your peers; try to make your way to class effectively.

No matter what type of student you are in the hallway, we all share a common theme: destination. While some of us make the time more pleasant than others, we all just want to get to our next period. Is there some place you need to be now?

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