Meep Meep: What could be an alternative to Fuzzy February?

Gianna Gordon, Staff Writer

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February at Nazareth Academy is known for Fuzzy February. The idea of Fuzzy February is to raise money for different charities in the area by selling passes for $10.00, allowing male students and teachers to grow their beards and females to wear fuzzy boots. It’s a great fundraiser that’s always something to look forward to at Nazareth for the month of February. However, change is always good. I asked students throughout the school what their preferences for new fundraisers would be and here were their responses.


Meghan McGarry, Senior 17- “I think it would be fun to have a whole month, maybe 4th quarter during the spring, where Naz students can wear spirit wear for a month by buying a pass for 10.00 dollars. It promotes school spirit and is preventing students from being out of uniform.”


Aria Suh, Freshman 20 – “If Naz let us wear out of uniform shoes for a whole month it would be really fun. I hate my school shoes now, they are so boring.”


Sarah Rusthoven, Sophomore 19 – “Crazy Sock September! We could all show our craziness with expressing our favorite colors in our socks and even make the money go out to a charity like goodwill! It’s a good start to the school year.”


Anastasia Kakol, Junior 18 – “I think Naz should do a drive where we are allowed to chew gum for a month! That way less detentions and it may be a gateway to letting us chew gum all the time.”

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