What do you think of the new Naz cookie?


Freshman Erica Chavez –  “I haven’t actually had the old cookie as long as everyone else because I’m a freshman, but I think the new cookie is actually really good.”


Freshman Joy Kuri – “I think the new cookie is okay. Honestly, it doesn’t deserve the hate it’s been getting.”


Sophomore Nancy Martinez –  “I think that I actually like it more than the other one.”

Sophomore Matt Pinckney –  “I don’t like it compared to the old cookie. I think the old one has been around too long to just get rid of.”

Junior Grace Brady – “There is more chocolate which is good, I guess. They still make me feel kind of sick, though.”

Junior Scott Korinek – “I really don’t care about the change. I think they’re both fine.”

Senior Julian Cundari – “I don’t like them because they have a weird taste. They tried to give it more chocolate to make up for the dough, but it didn’t work. They should bring back the old cookies.”