When should the Christmas season begin?

Xareni Palacios, Erin Anderson, Staff Writers

As the holidays roll around, there is one pressing question that many are asking: WHEN SHOULD PEOPLE START CELEBRATING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON? As soon as Halloween came to an end, many jumped on the Christmas train without even a not to Thanksgiving. Is this too early? Is it ever too early? What do four Naz homerooms have to say about it? Here are the results:

Mrs. Garcia’s Junior homeroom evidently had a very strong opinion on this subject: Starting the celebration post-Thanksgiving wins with flying colors with 26 votes! As a recurring theme, Garcia adds, “Respect the turkey”!
Mr. Jurasas’s Senior homeroom was almost completely in the camp of holding off on singing carols until after Thanksgiving, with only three votes out of 19 for Christmas lights and candy canes right after Halloween. Rarely was anyone ready for the Christmas spirit before having their fill of turkey.
Ms. Gerdes’s Freshman homeroom seemed to be split down the middle! Although holding off on the festivities until after Thanksgiving won, it was a close call!
Mr. Banasiak’s Sophomore homeroom, who has been very vocal about about this issue, settled on Post-Thanksgiving, too. Nonetheless, the Post-Halloween enthusiasts didn’t go down without a fight.