Meep Meep: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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Meep Meep: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Bridget Lockie, Staff Writer

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Every family has their different holiday traditions. There are some that have been going on for several generations, and others that have just started up recently. But, the special thing about these traditions is the variety. Some people’s favorite Christmas tradition may be going to downtown Chicago to see Macy’s store windows, while other people may value the time spent with family watching Christmas movies. As we anticipate this very special holiday, it is fun to hear about different people’s favorite Christmas traditions. Here are the traditions that these Roadrunners value most:


Nazareth Staff Member: Ms. Biga – Ms. Biga enjoys surrounding herself with her family members over the Christmas holiday. In particular, she loves spending Christmas Eve with her family. Her family and she enjoy a great dinner together on Christmas Eve, and that is Ms. Biga’s favorite Christmas tradition.


Senior: Evan Sellas – Every Christmas Eve, Evan and his family spend time together, anticipating Christmas morning. He and his family love watching the Polar Express together. For years to come, Evan hopes to continue the tradition of watching what many consider to be a holiday classic.


Junior: Marissa Metz – Marissa cherishes the time spent with her family over the Christmas holiday. With that being said, her favorite tradition is singing along to Christmas songs on the way home from her family Christmas Eve party. Marissa says, “It’s a really special thing that my family has done for many years and I hope to keep this same tradition alive for the many years to come”.


Sophomore: Anthony King – Each Christmas, Anthony and his family appreciate a home-cooked meal made by his mom. Since Anthony’s family are proud Italians, his mom cooks seven different types of fish, which is an Italian tradition. Anthony knows that this tradition will go on for many generations to come!
Freshman: Matigan Smith – One of Matigan’s favorite ways to celebrate Christmas is through Secret Santa with her family. Secret Santa is a fun, mysterious exchanging of gifts that her family and she have been doing for many years. She loves the surprise and secrecy behind this special family tradition.

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