Sophia Cacciatore aka “Fia Leigh” is making a difference in the music world


Kaitlin Bier

Junior Sofia Cacciatore may seem like your average sixteen year-old, trying to get through the struggles of junior year, but unless average consists of creating music under a pseudonym, then she’s anything but average.

Throughout her childhood Cacciatore was always singing and playing piano. At age ten, she began taking voice lessons and quickly realized she not only enjoyed listening and relating to music, she also wanted to try creating it.

With the support of her family, she decided to pursue her passion, and so she created her brand, “Fia Leigh”. “Fia” comes from the last half of her first name and “Leigh” comes from her middle name. When asked why she came up with this new name, Cacciatore explains, “It’s just easier, short, and no one else has that name that does music. It was just a safe bet.”

For years now, Cacciatore has been promoting her brand and traveling to and from Nashville Tennessee, writing and working on new music. But she’s not just looking to make a quick hit, she’s more interested in making a difference in the music world.

“The meaning behind a song has always been more important to me,” she says. She’s much more enticed by the idea of people relating to her music. “Each song tells a different story and relates to a different mood that I was in.” She’s had a great time creating her new image and music and she’s hoping to release her music soon.