Students’ Thoughts on Disaster Relief

Is there more that can be done to help the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the Hurricane in Puerto Rico, and the wildfires in California?

After devastating disasters hit the hearts and homes of countless people, multiple organizations have come together in attempts to rebuild the homes and spirits of all those affected by the natural disasters and acts of violence.

However, after totaling up the billions of dollars needed to reconstruct what was lost and coming to understand the effort needed to help those who were fatally wounded, it is time to question whether or not the effort is enough.

Question: Do you believe that the relief efforts in places such as Puerto Rico are enough? Do you have any ideas as to what Nazareth could do to send help to people in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and California?

Freshman Ronnie Glas says, “(regarding Puerto Rico) No, because they need help getting not just back on their feet but jobs and things back to the way things were. As for California, all the homes and everything in them was lost. Naz could not only raise money for these people, but they could also give moral support through mediums such as social media.”

Sophomore Leilani Dodson shares, “Personally, I don’t feel like it’s enough because I think most people here take it as ‘it’s bad, but not my problem’ but like for our demographic there isn’t much we can do presently. This summer, I am going to Puerto Rico to help rebuild and so I recommend others around Nazareth attempt to do the same.”

Junior Ted Bucur agrees, “I don’t think there is enough going on to help these people. I feel as though there is little media coverage going around about places like California, so if anything we should broadcast it more around school, because a lot of people don’t even know what’s going on anymore in those places. The security in Las Vegas was not enough to protect the people that were there. No one should be allowed to bring that many guns into a single place, and so we should raise awareness around Nazareth about gun safety.”

Senior Jamie Glas says, “I think there’s not enough media coverage. Like, the California fire is made out to be very underrated. We’re doing a fundraiser here, but I feel like we should be going out and actually helping to clean up after the devastation.”