Sports Opinion: Brady vs the Eagles – Super Bowl LII


by Daniel Pelayo, Jr., Staff Writer

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will face off in the 52nd Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4th. The Patriots are favored to win with possibly the greatest football player of all time: Tom Brady, going up against Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Many think that this will be a blow out and the Patriots easily win; however, the Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL and have gone through so much adversity this season that they definitely won’t go down without a fight.

The New England Patriots and Brady head to the Super Bowl for the 7th time since Brady has taken over as quarterback. Brady has only lost twice in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants who caught some very lucky breaks in both games.

Nevertheless, the Patriots once again have the best offense in the NFL and will challenge the Eagles to try and stop them or outscore them: two tasks that not many teams have been able to do for years. It looks like this will be Brady’s game to lose since he is having another MVP season. Winning this game would give Brady his 6th Super Bowl championship and would separate him from everyone and establish himself as the undisputed greatest player of all time.

However, Brady had a tough time getting by the Jacksonville Jaguars last round, and they don’t have as great of a quarterback as the Eagles, but the Eagle’s defense is as good as the Jaguar’s. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the offense-strong Patriots react to the Eagle’s great defense.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had quite the story this season. They arguably could have been favorites for this game if their starting quarterback Carson Wentz, who was having an amazing season and was on track to possibly be MVP, didn’t have a season-ending injury.

However, Nick Foles and Jay Ajayi have stepped up and played very well in his absence leading the Eagles past the high scoring Atlanta Falcons and the amazing defense of the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles will have a relatively easy time scoring if they stay committed to the run and only make Foles throw when needed. How the Eagles plan to defend against Brady will be interesting to see.

The Eagles have a great front line and will need to get to Brady and limit the time he has in the pocket or else he will have no problem picking apart the defense. Trying to put more defenders in to coverage will not work against the Patriots; the Eagles will need to trust their secondary and try to bring the pressure to Brady. The secondary is better than the Patriots but will need to be on their A game and be able to keep up with the tremendous route running and speed of the New England receivers.

How the Eagles come out the second half is going to play a huge part in this game as well. They can’t play the same defense as the first half and have to continuously change their schemes and coverages, Brady is too smart and will find a way to get past the same defense, but showing different coverages will give the Eagles the best chance to stop Brady. While the Patriots are favorites, the whole world wants to see the Eagles win.

This Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles should be a good one. These are two great teams that have worked so hard to get here, and this could honestly go either way. However, it is the Patriots game to lose, and it will be interesting to see if Tom Brady shows why many consider him the “Goat” or Greatest of all time. Or, viewers may seem him finally stopped by the team that everyone will be rooting for, the team that has gone through so much adversity. Will the Eagles stop the mighty Patriots? Or will Brady be Brady and get win #6 at Super Bowl 52?