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Confessions of a Cubs fans

Gianna Gordon, Staff Writer

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All the hype of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs has swamped the city of Chicago. Many have noticed more flying blue W’s than American Flags in the sky, and more Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo jerseys than Jay Cutler jerseys in the fall. The excitement that comes along with being deep in any playoff in the professional league is always a joy to get involved with. Whether it’s the Blackhawks, reigning 6 time Stanley Cup champs, who have been called in recent years a dynasty, or the Cubs, who have risen out of the deep deep dark hole of losing in recent years, the playoff runs in Chicago have greatly affected the city. While this is exciting for all Chicagoans, it’s important to remember the fans since day one. Here are some confessions of a Cubs fan.
1. We know what Losing feels like
The ivy of Wrigley field is the statement of who we are on the North Side. Old School traditions come along with everlasting memories: good and bad. Die hard Cubs fans know what below 500 feels like. We know what being in last means, and we know how it feels to fold up our jerseys in early September year after year. Die hard Cubs fans know what it feels like to be a laughing stock of a team to support, yet we still do it anyways. Die hard Cubs fans know what loyalty truly is.
2. We know the importance of the name Theo
Theo Epstein, the saving grace of the Chicago Cubs, came along and dug this team out, in hopes of rebuilding. Die hard Cubs fans honor this man and realize the importance of who he really is, even after all the criticism he may get. Die hard Cubs fans praise him as if he is the god of the North Side, and die hard Cubs fans pay all their respects to him.
3. We know what flying a W really means
Singing “Go Cubs Go,” isn’t just any old phrase for die hard Cubs fans. Singing “Go Cubs Go,” and waving a blue W is a ritual that die hard Cubs fans know is something to cherish greatly. It’s a ritual that is sweet while it’s there, but is something we know won’t always happen. It’s a pure bliss kind of moment in your life that you wish you could replay again and again. Flying the W on the North Side is a feeling die hard Cubs fans pray they can feel forever.
4. And Die Hard Cubs fans know that……
Awaiting a season like 2016 was a daydream and is now reality. They know that this year is one for the books and one to remember for the rest of their lives. Die hard Cubs fans know that names like Rizzo, Bryant, Baez and Fowler, Zobrist, Lester, Arrieta and Heyward, are names that will go down as a few of their favorites. Die hard Cubs fans know that 2016 will be a story to tell to their children, their grandchildren, and every Cubs fan who has gone before us, to tell when they are up above.

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