Josh Bielanski joins the math department


Ryan Williams

Computer science and math teacher Josh Bielanski joined the math department this year and he really enjoys his new position. Naz’s reputation was one of the reasons that Bielanski was interested in the job. He said, “Just to hear what other people said about Nazareth Academy and how it was such a welcoming place…it just seemed like a good place.” 

Bielanski went to Saint Xavier University and graduated in 2016. While his first choice was the University of Florida, he went to Saint Xavier University because they gave him an offer he couldn’t pass up. He shared, “Saint Xavier offered me X amount of money, really good scholarships and waved my application fee and application essay and they had a really good education program.”

Once he graduated, he was a substitute teacher until August of 2017 and he briefly worked at another high school before he came to Naz. 

His favorite part of teaching is when the students understand the work. Bielanski said, “Whatever lesson it may be, seeing that lightbulb click, and then they can just take over that lesson and run through everything.” It’s a great feeling for him when a student finally understands the concept, especially after they struggled in the beginning of the lesson. 

Bielanski really wants to be a referee for football this upcoming season. He would love to coach since he has coaching experience, but there are no spots open at this time. 

“Football is by far my favorite sport,” said Bielanski “I would like to start [refereeing]…I would like to get in as many games as possible.” He wants to be around the game any way he can even if he can’t coach. Being a ref gives him a whole new perspective on the game and he thinks it’s really cool. He played football throughout high school but had to stop because he suffered from a couple of concussions.

Bielanski also wants to learn how to ref hockey, but he has to learn how to skate first. He has a goal to see a hockey game in every stadium. “The most exotic place I got to see a game in is Toronto,” he stated. He isn’t anywhere close but he has his whole life to pursue his goal. 

Bielanski’s interests don’t stop at math and sports, he’s been playing guitar since 5th grade on and off. “School and football got in the way and it was very difficult to be consistent with it,” he said.  He wants to be more dedicated to guitar because he saw some improvements during quarantine when he started playing again. 

Bielanski also traveled to Poland at the age of 22. He wasn’t able to speak Polish, but the people he went with were able to help him out. His family is from there and seeing all the history was really cool to him. 

While in Poland, he went to Auschwitz and had a very moving experience. “It was surreal walking the same steps as millions of people as they walked to their death, and it’s an eerie feeling being there and experiencing that,” he said.    

Bielanski, with his variety of hobbies and past experiences, brings so much to the Nazareth community.  He is looking forward to new experiences and making more memories here in his new position.